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What can you do with a Horticulture Degree?

A Horticulture Degree can open a world of opportunities for you. In this article, we will find out what exactly can you do with a Horticulture Degree. So, let’s dive right in. The huge potential in the Horticulture industry attracts lots of gardening enthusiasts and nature lovers. Evidently, we share an ancient bond with nature. … Continue Reading

What does a horticulturist do?

A Horticulturist has an important role in providing us healthy and nutritious food. Above all, they improve our quality of life by creating and maintaining stunning landscapes. Horticulturists master the art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants in gardens or greenhouses. The Horticulture industry offers a wide range of opportunities. Most horticulturists work … Continue Reading

What are Horticulture Crops?

Rather than staple crops, horticulture focuses on high-value crops. In this article, we will discuss all there is to know about Horticulture Crops. And what makes them different from staple crops. Horticulture is the art of growing high-value crops and ornamental plants in a sustainable way. Moreover, it is much more intensive than growing regular … Continue Reading

How Horticulture is related to Agriculture?

In my Horticulture vs Agriculture article, we saw what makes them both different. But how is Horticulture related to Agriculture? Whether you’re confused between the career options or looking for business and job opportunities. This article will be useful for you. Horticulture is considered as a branch under Agriculture. That being said, they both use … Continue Reading

What Is Horticulture Week? All You Need To Know

Horticulture Week is the UK’s leading weekly magazine on horticulture. From retail, contracting, nurseries and landscaping to edible and ornamental growing. Indeed, Horticulture Week has every sector covered. Founded in 1840, Horticulture Week specifically targets professionals in the Horticulture industry. Whether its parks, botany, landscaping, garden heritage. The magazine ensures no stone is left unturned. … Continue Reading

How Therapeutic Gardening Has Amazing Health Benefits

Therapeutic gardening is a great way to dissolve the day’s stress. Generally, a therapeutic garden is designed to improve physical and mental health. So, if you ever feel overwhelmed of dealing with stress. Doing therapeutic gardening activities can help you relax. Lately, there has been an ever-increasing interest in therapeutic gardening. Because stress is now … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Horticulture Design Guide

Whether you’re a landscape designer or a gardening enthusiast, Horticulture design applies to both. Essentially, Horticulture Design is a blend of Environmental Horticulture and Landscape design. But what makes it stand out from the crowd? Let’s find out. Horticulture Design aims to create the most sustainable and practical landscapes. It is a broad field that … Continue Reading

Horticulture Garden | How to plan and build one?

Have you ever wondered what sets apart a horticulture garden from a regular one? Do they both feature the same elements? Or is there something unique about a horticulture garden? Let’s find out. Domestic gardening and landscaping are the foundations of a horticulture garden. The diversity of ornamental plants and flowers to fruits and vegetables … Continue Reading

Horticultural Society | Everything you need to know

A Horticultural society is an organization or group that studies the art of garden cultivation. People learn these skills in a social setting with basic tools. Generally, Most horticultural societies focus on the general aspects. However, some of them deal with a specific variety of plants. The horticultural societies can be on a national or … Continue Reading