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Therapeutic Horticulture And Its Amazing Benefits

Therapeutic Horticulture nourishes the body, mind and soul through gardening activities and plants. It is used to enhance physical and mental well-being with the healing elements of nature. Over the years, Therapeutic Horticulture has become a popular remedy for many illnesses. Today, therapeutic horticulture is practiced all over the world. And in a wide variety … Continue Reading

The Ultimate Horticulture Careers Guide

Do you want to take your career in horticulture to the next level? Are you exploring the careers horticulture has to offer? Then you are at the right place. Whether you already have some industry experience, or you are just getting started. There are many opportunities and careers in horticulture. So much that you will … Continue Reading

Who invented Horticulture?

Have you ever wondered who discovered horticulture? Thousands of years ago, horticulture evolved from agriculture. But who invented horticulture? Read on to find out. More than 10000 years ago, our ancestors discovered horticulture techniques. Most historians believe that horticulture was invented in ancient Mesopotamia. Back then, the area thrived due to its fertile soil. Ironically, … Continue Reading

What are Horticulture Beans?

Do you love growing new varieties of vegetables? Or cooking them to create delicious meals? Then Horticulture Beans are definitely worth a shot. Horticulture beans are one of the most versatile crops you can grow. This article will cover everything there is to know about horticulture beans. Generally, Horticulture beans are unique varieties grown to … Continue Reading

Where is Horticulture practiced?

Horticulture evolved from various parts of the world including Mesopotamia, Asia, South America and other areas. During the Neolithic age, it spread from these areas to many different parts of the world. In this article, we will understand where horticulture is practiced. Today, horticulture is still practiced in tropical forests of the Amazon Basin as … Continue Reading

When did Horticulture Begin?

Horticulture has its roots dating back to ancient times. Thousands of years ago, our ancestors evolved from hunter-gatherers to a farming society. And that’s when the agricultural revolution started. Instead of hunting, they started growing their own food. But, when did horticulture begin? Around 10000 years ago, our forebears started growing with a few crops. … Continue Reading

Why horticulture is important?

Horticulture has a vital role in our food chain. It’s the major source of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. Moreover, it’s the most sustainable way to add value to our lives. In this article, we will learn why horticulture is important for our society. Whether its your physical and mental well-being or environmental benefits. Horticulture … Continue Reading

What Horticultural Zone am I in?

Horticultural zone helps gardeners select the plants that will thrive in their regional climate. In this article, we will see everything there is to now about Horticultural Zones. I highly recommend you find your horticultural zone before you get your hands dirty. This will ensure that you get the best out of your garden. The … Continue Reading

Planting Therapy and Its Remarkable Healing Power

Planting Therapy is an amazing way to improve your health with all kinds of gardening activities. For centuries, plants have provided us food and shelter. Indeed, we share an ancient bond with plants. With ancient scriptures and evidence dating all the way back to the Mesopotamian civilization. Notably, being surrounded by plants is good for … Continue Reading

What is Ornamental Horticulture?

Ornamental Horticulture is the art of growing decorative plants and flowers. Essentially, it provides aesthetic value to landscapes and green spaces. By studying Ornamental Horticulture, you can explore the wide range of ways in which ornamental plants are used. Ornamental plants play a huge role in decorative and recreational purposes. Generally, most careers in Ornamental … Continue Reading