Horticulture Week and the UK’s Horticulture Industry

Horticulture Week is the UK’s leading weekly magazine on horticulture. From retail, contracting, nurseries and landscaping to edible and ornamental growing. Indeed, Horticulture Week has every sector covered.

Founded in 1840, Horticulture Week specifically targets professionals in the Horticulture industry. Whether its parks, botany, landscaping, garden heritage. The magazine ensures no stone is left unturned.

Arboriculture, amenity horticulture, groundmanship and turf are some of the popular areas of the magazine. Moreover, it provides news, reports, market data, opinions, featured products and analysis over all sectors of the industry.

Horticulture Week

Undoubtedly, Horticulture Week gives you everything you need to know about the industry. And its articles are very straightforward and easy to digest. What better way to keep up with industry trends?

More importantly, this information can help you achieve success in a sustainable way. Including details not limited to new opportunities, risk factors, best practices and cost-effective choices. Notably, this can be very helpful for landscaping and gardening professionals.

Although most of their content is given online, Horticulture Week also hosts live events. Besides, events are a great place to grow your network with industry experts. Most events feature stalls that connect buyers and suppliers. And this can bring business to everyone in the industry.

How Horticulture Week grew

When Horticulture Week was founded, it was known as Gardener’s Chronicle. More than a century later, it merged with the Horticultural Trades Journal by Haymarket in 1969. And that’s when it became the UK’s leading horticulture weekly.

As popularity grew, the magazine was flying off the shelves. With over 9000 copies being sold every week. Soon, it became the first-choice magazine for landscapers, garden owners, nurserymen and local parks managers.

Over the years, the magazine’s company Haymarket Media acquired many rivals. For instance, the magazine Grower was acquired in 2006. And this expanded its reports to edibles production.

Horticulture week acquired magazine Grower in 2006.

Along with Grower, Horticulture Week acquired their properties as well. Such as, Garden Centre and Retail Awards, the Horticulture Directory and Grower of the Year Awards. And more importantly, the Fruit Focus exhibition. Today, Grower continues to provide high-quality content to readers.

Eventually, Germany’s most popular horticulture newspaper, Tapso joined Haymarket Media. These popular titles in the industry were a huge addition to Haymarket. Moreover, Haymarket’s horticultural expertise made the brand even stronger.

Besides, the monthly Landscape Review and bi-monthly Garden retail are its sister titles. Whereas, annuals include the Horticulture Week Plant Suppliers’ Guide, Careers in Horticulture, and the Horticulture Week Buyers’ Guide.

Evolution of the Horticulture Week

Horticulture Week launched its website in 2008. And that’s when things took off. After all, the Internet is the fastest way to reach millions of people.

One of their biggest challenge was to build an online community. However, Haymarket soon achieved this goal. And within months, the website attracted thousands of visitors.

Horticulture week website
source: Horticulture week

To this day, the site is updated daily with industry data. Even more, breaking news, reports and other information make it very useful for its readers.

As per their stats, visitors include but are not limited to:

  • Landscape designers and architects
  • Gardening professionals
  • Arboriculture professionals
  • Park and Garden managers
  • Edible horticulture growers of fruits and vegetables
  • Commercial ornamental plants growers
  • Turf and Grounds maintenance professionals
  • Gardening enthusiasts
  • Aspiring Horticulture students

With this in mind, the site engages users with the latest tech in the industry.

Read on to know more about what Horticulture Week has to offer.

Horticulture Week subscription

With their yearly subscription, Horticulture Week is packed with value. From the latest news and detailed reports to research and practical advice. Horticulture week has it all covered.

Horticulture week subscription

Some of the benefits include:

  • Complete analysis of the industry including landscaping, garden retail, parks, gardening, nursery, grounds and turf maintenance.
  • Advice from industry experts and the best columnists in the industry. Including but not limited to Peter Seabrook, Sally Drury and John Adlan.
  • Delivering Landscape project leads around the UK from approved planning applications.
  • Exclusive sector newsletters such as the Breakfast Briefing with the latest news every morning.
  • Better focus on technical and industry issues that matter in the horticulture business.
  • Dedicated Disease and Pest tracker to gain information and monitor possible outbreaks. With insights on what plants are affected and identifying problems. Besides, they provide fact sheets helping deal with each problem.

Horticulture Industry Business Intelligence

Subscribers can find all about the most successful horticulture businesses based on turnover. And, their all-inclusive Sector reports provide market data, insights, analysis and expert advice to increase business success.


From a wide range of sectors including landscaping, garden retail, fruit and ornamental growing. All this packed into a unique suite of Top 100 Sector Research Reports. Exclusive for its subscribers.

Moreover, Horticulture Week also provides business leads. Its weekly Tenders Tracker includes the latest tenders on landscape and horticulture services. And the Landscape Project Leads provides insights on approved developments in the UK.

The Leads include:

  • Contact details and landscape architects
  • Descriptions of project landscape elements
  • At least 100 new project leads
  • Projects for Residential, Commercial areas and more

Whereas, their plant health service provides pest and disease alerts based on factsheets. As well as crop protection methods and products selection.


What’s more, Horticulture Week includes the Plant Suppliers Guide listing plant and products suppliers. Additionally, the Horticulture Week Buyers’ Guide also lists suppliers of products, plants and service providers.

Besides, it includes product kit reviews and market reports. This can be extremely useful for horticulture professionals. Especially, landscaping and maintenance experts.

Horticulture Week Products & Kit Reviews

Horticulture Week’s Products & Kit pages feature products and machinery. Moreover, their reviews help kit buyers make purchasing decisions. It provides the latest information on new products and machinery from suppliers.

Check out some amazing gardening kits.

Each machinery category has its own page on the website. The product coverage has exclusive reports and videos on the kit tests. In addition to tests and videos, buyers can get purchasing advice.

Horticulture Week Business Awards

The Horticulture Week Business Awards celebrates marvellous achievements and milestones in the horticulture industry. Businesses such as garden retail, landscaping and many more are nominated. Indeed, a great platform to showcase successful businesses to customers and clients.

Horticulture Week Custodian Awards

The Horticulture Week Custodian Awards honours exceptional achievements of experts managing UK’s public gardens, parks and private estates.

With categories across all horticulture activities. Such as, garden management, maintenance, restoration, renovations, community and voluntary work. The Award truly ensures that the industry recognizes extraordinary achievements.

Above all, winners of the Custodian Award gain recognition not limited to:

  • A permanent entry in the Horticulture Week’s Custodian Gallery for a lifelong recognition
  • Expand your business by attracting new clients for your parks and gardens
  • Get a chance to participate in major gardening award events in the UK
  • Winner logos given to help you in marketing for potential visitors
  • Connect with industry leaders
  • Just being nominated for the awards gets industry recognition and motivation
  • Be an inspiration for your teams, staff and volunteers
  • Get opportunities for your achievements to be promoted on Horticulture Week
  • Showcase your achievements to clients, customers, peers and partners.

Parks & Gardens Live

Parks & Gardens Live is a platform for suppliers to showcase their products and kits to potential buyers. Primarily, the event features products for parks and gardens. With its major focus on professionals managing arboreta, important public green spaces, private estates, historic and botanic gardens.

Horticulture week Parks and Gardens Live

Roundtables and Conferences

And if all the events and awards are too mainstream. Then roundtables and conferences may excite you. Horticulture Week hosts many of them all year round.

For instance, the Healthy Design, Healthy Places event held in London. And it is a good platform to connect with industry experts.

The event focuses on meeting the ever-increasing demand for healthy living and working spaces. Especially, green roofs, forest towers, living walls and even sky gardens. Essentially, blending the elements of nature with interiors and exteriors.

Creating green infrastructure presents new challenges. So, Roundtables and Conferences are held to address them is innovative ways.

Recruitment Solutions

Horticulture Week’s job website has plenty of opportunities in the green industry. From basic gardening to landscaping, HorticultureJobs has it all.

Whether you’re looking for jobs or finding great talent, the website helps both. Primarily, it deals with jobs in and around the UK. Additionally, you can enhance your employer branding with their wonderful workplaces initiative.

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